Saturday, January 9, 2010

rediscovered love

In preparation for driving to and from SFO in one day, I reached for an old, cracked, orange CD organizer that I began filling in high school, and decided to bring in along for company. While I made a few alterations (replaced MXPX and Hot Hot Heat with Christmas gifts Phoenix and a Bossa nova compilation), I thoroughly enjoyed reliving my obsessions with some of my old loves. Number one among these is Andrew Bird. I happen to believe that Mr. Bird is grossly underrated and that his album Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs is one of the best and most beloved in my collection. Weather Systems isn't bad either. While I'm not too familiar with his Bowl of Fire days, I must say that his newer music and that brew of sorrowful violin, lilting whistling, and unwrinkled vocals has always impressed me. I remember attending one of his shows in L.A. during my sophomore year of college, swaying with my roomies, and secretly cursing myself when I couldn't recite every lyric along with the crowd. Imagine my surprise when, after my rendezvous with albums past, I discovered his newest album, Noble Beast, selling for a discounted price of $.69 a song on iTunes! While I don't know the dealings of iTunes pricing, I wouldn't say that this bargain is due to a lack of satisfaction with the album. I will only look at it as an added sweetness to my reconnection with the music.