Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gym Jams

This week I have managed to drag my holiday cookie-filled ass to the gym on more than one occasion. This is the music that is getting me there...oh, and the numerous flat screen TVs around the room.

And this

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moi je joue

I am currently obsessed with French music.
It fulfills a certain, je ne sais quoi. Gainsbourg's whispery verses followed by mundane chorus lyrics sung in boppy female voice takes me to a swanky nightclub where I sip champagne and share a booth with other pretty girls in fake eyelashes and pink, ruffled lingerie. Edith Piaf croons me into a parisian cafe, where I sulk beautifully at an outdoor table under a black beret, turning the pages of a novel and waiting for a tall, dark and handsome to throw me a sultry glance.
It's music so bad that it's good.
I am bored. I am sophisticated. I am curious. I am starving. I am feminine. I am pretentious.
You get the idea?
I've had Brigitte Bardot on repeat for a week now, and have designed the most perfectly perfect chanson station on Pandora. Some of my favorites? I thought you'd never ask!

France Gall "Laisse Tomber les Filles"

Charles Trenet "Boum"

Yves Montand "C'est si bon"

Brigitte Bardot "Moi je joue"

Serge Gainsboug "Sea sex and sun"

I'm still exploring, so I appreciate input, especially of the more modern, independent variety.